International 🐱 Day

International 🐱 Day

Here is one of the most famous cats: Grumpy Cat. Some info…

International Sushi Day🍣

International Sushi Day🍣

Sushi RollEat Sushi! I love sushi and the only way to honor sushi is to make it or eat it!  For making sticky rice click here.


-The word “sushi” refers to rice that has been seasoned with vinegar, sugar, and salt
-Sushi is Japanese “fast food”
-Fish that’s “fresh out of the ocean” is often dangerous to eat
-Good sushi rice is somewhat chewy, and sticky to the touch.
Check out how to roll a sushi here or the types of sushi here. Enjoy the rice!
National Chip and Dip Day

National Chip and Dip Day

Best Chip and Dip Combos (Try IT)

-Tortilla Chips with Salsa/Guacamole/Queso
-Pita Chips with Corn, Avocado, and Black Bean Dip
-Taro Chips with Garlic Cheese Dip
-Spinach Dip with Any Chip
-layered Dip: fresh green peas and spinach, bacon, grated cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, black olives or water chestnuts, and topped with a layer of sour cream
– More Combo Ideas with everyday chips

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