Common Misconceptions

Common Misconceptions

I absolutely love this Adora…

Ephemeral Clouds

One thing I HATE is when people spread false information or don’t check sources and facts(like my letter). This stuff is more pet peeve though.


A UFO is an Unidentified Flying Object. Anything can be a UFO if you are bad at identifying things. A Frisbee could be a UFO if you can’t see well. So when people write, “An unidentified UFO” it’s really saying,” An unidentified unidentified flying object” and that’s stupid.



SO MANY people think consequences are only negative. “There will be consequences” just means, “Something will happen because of this”. Lots of times when someone says it they mean negative effects, but it’s wrong to assume that that’s always the case.

Loose and lose:

This is such a rampant problem in writing. Pronounced “loooose” and “loooze”, it’s slightly confusing. However, loose is for when something is not tight or is unsecured. Lose is for when…

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