Why Many People Love Cat Videos

Why Many People Love Cat Videos

 Many people spend at least 3 hours a day or more on the internet whether it be surfing the web, watching YouTube videos, reading, homework, or playing games. One of the most common things that people watch or surf the web come across are cat videos. They are special creatures where many people become memorized by just watching them.

Cat videos are so addicting and they are one of the most funniest creatures. Their cuteness and the fact that they don’t know that they are being filmed just makes it more amusing.

One of the most famous cats is Maru. Looking at this video made me laugh and think about how cats don’t know that they are being filmed and how they have possibly better days than humans. It’s like they don’t care what others think, they’re having the best time ever.

Doing some research found from Huffington Post, studies show that cat videos can improve moods. An assistant professor at Indiana University, Jessica Gall Myrick conducted an experiment asking people to recall the last time they watched a cat video and how they felt before and after. Many people responded saying that they felt happier and experienced less guilt, sadness, and anxiety after watching the videos.

Overall: Cats videos can make you feel better, so whenever you’re feeling down go cheer yourself up with a funny cat video. Cats dominate the internet:)


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