Flash Drive for Freedom

Flash Drive for Freedom

Flash Drive to Freedom

The Flash Drives for Freedom initiative from “Human Rights” Foundation. It’s a campaign that smuggles foreign media like films, movies, interviews, and website archives into North Korea under the regime’s ban.

     They either drop them from balloons, smuggle them through people wading through a river, or bribe a border guard.

“To avoid getting caught, people load a North Korean DVD while watching South Korean dramas on a USB stick, which can be pulled out,” he said. “They then tell the authorities, who feel the heat from the notel to check whether or not it has been recently used, that they were watching North Korean films”.

Park at the LiNK organization added: “They are small enough to roll up in a blanket and hide in a wardrobe. They have become so popular because they are perfect for overcoming the twin barriers to foreign media consumption: surveillance and power outages.

“If you were to design the perfect device for North Koreans, it would be this.” -CNBC


Here is another article: Your old flash drives could help


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