Looks Can Change Everything

Looks Can Change Everything

Many people don’t understand or know that looks can be deceiving. They just look at the outside, wanting the life of somebody else without knowing what really is going on inside that person. Life can be difficult and you wouldn’t know it just by how they cover it up by being  nice or mean. Humans have a tendency to judge before they actually know the facts.

When people look at others and see what a great life they have on the outside they immediately think  I wish I was like them, I wish I could have their life for a day, I wish… Without the facts you don’t know what really is going on with their life. They way they look, speak, or act on the  outside could just be a way to cover up pain, hurt, or anger from the inside.

Lots of people want to be like the popular or cool kids. They have all the newest fashions, newest things, and well they’re just popular. Everybody seems to love them and then they just start being mean, they are extremely mean. Nobody knows what to do with them and what turned them to the dark side. Soon everybody’s gossiping about how the person might be moving due to the situation at home. See, in the beginning you’re like I want their life , but after knowing all the facts you realize that you rather stick with your life.

People aren’t just something that can look deceiving, food can also trick you. One  of the most common foods that people see as disgusting is passion fruit. You see it and it looks pretty weird; the skin is wrinkly and when you open it there’s goopy stuff sitting inside. There is like no way after opening it do you want to try it, everything about it is just “ew”. However somebody makes you do it or dares you, so in the end you have to try it. Slowly you take a little bite and to your surprise it taste like sweet mangoes with a hint of lemon. You actually love the way it taste. You gotta give something’s a  chance even if in the end you don’t like it.

In the end, you can’t judge things by their appearances, just like people say “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Giving other people and things chances could change your life and their life too. One simple conclusion could affect the world and the way you live in it.


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