To Do Over Spring Break

To Do Over Spring Break

Spring Break has finally arrived, though it has been rainy so far. (Austin) Here are some ideas to do during Spring Break. Find more on 10 Things to Do on Rainy Days

1. Go to a walk in art studio (Marmalade Skies, Decoy Art Studio, Craft, Cafe Monet) – Fun crafts, canvas painting, glass fusing, mosaics, pottery, and others.

2. Graffiti Park – look at cool graffiti and take awesome pictures

3. Foodie Kids – A kitchen to bake or cook some food! Also host spring break classes

4. Inner Space Caverns – explore caves, be sure to wear comfortable shoes. Check outh their Virtual Adventure Tour

5. Try Horseback Riding – personally I love horseback riding, it’s bumpy at first but you should get used to it pretty quickly ( Texas Trail Rides )

6. Rodeos – check out the pig races, so cute and entertaining

7. Enjoy a Picnic

8. Take a nice walk or hike – Lady Bird Lake, The Austin Greenbelt

9. Waterparks – go to a place to relax and have fun

10. Create a mini terrarium – takes a lot of dedication and patience, the end result is awesome Click here to learn more

11. Whitewater Rafting

12. Go to a fun Camp!


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