A Change in the World

A Change in the World

To Whom It May Concern,

World Hunger is an issue that can no longer be ignored or put off. About 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to eat everyday. One out of nine are suffering from the lack of food, leading to extreme starvation, then death. Think of the children, babies, and adults who are dying right now; think of the short lives these children have lived, how they are not experiencing life to the fullest.

That was just the world. Now let’s look at Africa. According to Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) about 239 million people there are starving; that’s about 30% of the population and the worst part is that it is the highest percentage of starvation in any region of the world. Though the other 70% do get food, 40% of them don’t get adequate food to keep them healthy.  Here we just walk into stores and buy whatever we want, throw away whatever we don’t like, and sometimes we even complain. Look how ungrateful we are.  

Now let’s look at Zimbabwe, Africa. Zimbabwe used to be one of the healthiest country with the lowest hunger rates in the Africa, but now, the poverty rate there has increased from 25% to 63+%. Because of the high poverty rate, men are barely able to survive and grow crops. Zimbabwe isn’t the only country that needs food, many other countries need food. They are unable to produce their own food because of drought, they need support, and that’s where we come in.

There are already many organizations trying to spread awareness and help people in poverty stricken countries. One of the organizations is Rise Against Hunger which was founded in 1998. Their goal is to end hunger by 2030, a small donation could help them reach their goal. They have impacted more than 74 countries and fed thousands of families globally. This is just one organization that wants to help relieve world hunger, but in the end Rise Against Hunger and the other organizations have one common goal. You can support these organizations and be part of it by giving a monetary donation; or keeping these hungry kids and adults in mind when you eat. Don’t waste food and remember how lucky you are.

We can’t save the whole world at once, but we can start with small steps and grow from there. It’s like building a puzzle, you can help the world and others one step at a time. Look at the picture I attached at the bottom, you can see the rib cages of kids and the desire of food in their eyes; they didn’t choose to be like that, yet they are. How can you help? What are you willing to do for those who really need your help? What would you do if you were in their position? Would you want to be helped or neglected? You could impact the life of others by extending your helping hands and that’s all it takes to change a life forever, yours and theirs. What can you do to make a difference?
Hannah Ngai

Hungry Kids Picture


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