10 Things to Do on Rainy Days

10 Things to Do on Rainy Days

It’s a rainy weekend and your stuck inside. Weekend’s are supposed to be sunny and filled with fun, but it’s not. Here are some ideas you can do… (places are around Austin, TX)

1. Austin Maze Rooms or Austin Panic Room –  find a way to get out of the house of room in 1 hour or less! (currently Austin Panic Room has more options, but they change rooms around 10-12 months.)

2.Watch Movies/Netflix – grab a blanket, a bowl of popcorn, and start watching some of your favorite shows or movies

3. Coffee and a Book – go get  a cup of warm coffee or drink , curl up into your favorite chair/spot and start reading.

4. The Thinkery – a place for young kids to learn and have fun

5. Austin Bouldering Project – a great place to stay active, you can rock climb, go to the gym, take yoga classes, and even work upstairs (great for families with older kids)

6. Check out a museum – go check out a place you would enjoy to learn more about

7. Bowling – Mels Lonestar Lanes, Dart Bowl, Highland Lanes, Main Event (recommend Dart Bowl)

8. Invite your friends over – just do whatever, be friends

9. Play some games – get out your cards/board games and play with your friends and family

10. Be chill – be lazy and do whatever you want

*The Blanton Museum of Art –  located at UT (admission is free on Thursdays)*


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