Caring for Your Chinchilla

Caring for Your Chinchilla

Like all animals, chinchillas need to be taken care of with love. Here are some essentials that you need to be careful of when you are caring for you chinchilla.

“Love build bridges where there are none” – R.H. Delaney

Correct Temperatures:Chinchilla

Chinchillas habitats must be climate controlled, they are extremely sensitive. The temperatures cannot exceed 75°F or go below 50°F or there is a chance it could become sick or die.


Chinchillas are vegetarians, their diet consisting of different grasses, hays, roots, and sometimes fruit. Everyday they should feed on fresh pellets, clean water, and dried hay/grass.(grass should be green but not fresh green) You cannot suddenly change their diet or the type of food they eat because it takes time for their digestive system to adapt causing the food to spoil. Remember hey have an extremely sensitive digestive system, so it is important that you give them the correct nutrients or health issues will arise.


All pets love getting treats and will eat as many as you give them, but that doesn’t mean its good for them, especially for chinchillas. Chinchillas love raisins and sunflower seeds and will be ready to eat them whenever you give it to them, but you need to watch how much you give them. Limit them to 2-3 raisins or 4-5 sunflower seeds in a week. (do not give it to them all on one day) *Again* They have sensitive digestive system which means health is extremely important.

Dust Baths:

Chinchillas have extremely soft, fine fur which is the reason they need to take dust baths. They cannot take sand bath because their hair is so soft the sand will irritate their skin in addition to damaging their fur. The reason for not taking water baths is again because their hair is so dust bath chinchillathick and soft it will become matted on-top of making your chinchilla sick. (water temps.)

Put a thin layer of dust inside of a box that allows the chinchilla to roll around freely. Let it roll around for around 15 minutes every other day or twice a week. When the dust colors turns darker that is the signal to dump out the dust and put a new layer on.

Safe Wood:

Chinchillas have teeth that are always growing and they need a way to maintain short teeth, so they always have an extinct to chew. They love chewinImage result for list of safe woods chinchillag almost anything they can get their hands on, but you can control them by giving them wood, though not all wood is safe. Because of their digestive systems it is best if you give them wood from a tree that bears fruit with seeds. Be sure to boil or put the wood in the oven to rid of pesticides.*Digestive system*

Though are just a few essentials, but you can learn more at Chinchilla Guide. (check out the bedding/cage page)
Important: Chinchilla’s digestive system are extremely sensitive, so one wrong move could cause harm to your chinchilla.


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